Who I Am According to the Internet

This week’s readings include the looking at and reading blog posts and web pages based around who we are on the internet. I checked out: Digital Tattoo, “on distributed presence (and blogrolls),” and Seth’s Blog on “Personal Branding in the Google Age.” Each page and entry were really interesting and prompted me to Google myself. What I found was exactly what I wanted to find: nothing. Having a parent who is up in the government and is familiar with the hire and fire process, I’ve been lectured since day one on how you never put anything on the internet that you would not like your future boss to see. As a result, I have my facebook, twitter, Pinterest, and all other social media pages carefully filtered and/or completly blocked from the public eye. With the exception of my Google+ profile picture appearing, the only other information that came up was my YouTube page (where I do not post videos) which shows a handful of the videos I liked which included health tips and a bunch of nerdy things related to Harry Potter and my current literary love, The Hunger Games.

Overall, this weeks readings had me thinking about who I am on the internet and prompted me to search myself and confirm what I knew about my online privacy. On that note, I also want to share that Google itself has changed its privacy policy and that it can now track your searches when signed into your Google account and use that to prompt advertisers to sell things to you. However, this also implicates that Google is collecting your searches and can sell them to your future employer. Thankfully you can make your web history private, so everyone make sure you do that.

Enjoy your Spring Break!

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