Selling Yourself

This week in class, we discussed not only what our identity is on the internet, but also how to make ourselves appealing to the job market. Outside of our continuing work on our projects, we were also set to the task of creating a digital resume. My resume, I must admit, is still going through the works. I have all the information necessary up, but I must admit I’m a little confused on how to work the plug-ins, like the contact me form, and how to assign it to certain pages. Despite this, I’m happy with how its turned out. This project forced me to write a resume (which I haven’t had to do before) and made me seriously consider the fact that I will be looking for a teaching job in a little over a year. Going forward with this, I’ll be working on finding/adding pictures to make it more visually appealing as well as use the advice of our guest speaker this week and make it more personal by adding in a twitter feed and such.

If you want to check it out, you can find it here

One Response to “Selling Yourself”

  1. kmatthews says:

    I like it Heather! Did you think of just putting the content in directly though, instead of the viewer having to download the file (as in if the viewer doesn’t have Word or whatnot)? I am also still adding stuff to mine, and wrote my first (sparse) resume, which was difficult! But, my digital footprint is getting bigger, so I guess that’s a plus.