Weekly Update!

This week we reviewed our resumes as a class and continued working on our projects. In regards to my resume, I’m still considering what to add picture-wise and interest wise. But other than thinking my resume over, my group and I have been individually working on making context labels for the cartoon. Altogether we should have 1/3rd of them completed and ready to be posted to our new Omeka.org site!

4 Responses to “Weekly Update!”

  1. kmatthews says:

    Yay for your group Heather! I am so excited to look at your site, and it seems to be coming together so quickly! Resumes are difficult, and my website, if I had my way, would really try to convey my personality so much more. But I muted it so that way when prospective employers interview me, I will be a SURPRISE and a half for them (basically blow their socks off with awesomeness)! and I’m sure you will do the same!

  2. kay21w says:

    I also had an interesting time putting together my resume for my site, but I think once you add pictures to your page, the information you have uploaded will come together nicely! Also, I am glad to hear that you all are adjusting to the new Omeka.org site!

  3. Cassie says:

    For your digital portfolio, I reccomend using a professional looking picture. If you have or are going to get senior pictures, the outdoor ones are perfect for this purpose. They are not too informal and show a personal side.

  4. kpartenh says:

    For me interest wise I put that I danced for an insane amount of years. That way it showed that I was able to stick with something but that I have other interests besides history and education. Maybe you have a hobby or interest like that? Just a thought! 🙂