All Revved Up and Ready to Go!

This week has been exciting for my group do to all the new changes that have taken place! As of yesterday we officially have moved over to and now have a new URL:! Jim Groom has been extremely helpful in this shift, even going so far as installing the plug-ins for us! This weekend I will finally be able to catchup with our contract and get the Timeline all hammered out. Other than that, our group is still trucking away at making content labels and gathering citations together.

Altogether I do feel that is seems like we aren’t doing too much when we present to the class, but most of the stuff we have been working on has been behind the website work, so to speak. However, with the move-over officially completed, I feel we’ll have a lot more to present in the upcoming weeks 🙂


2 Responses to “All Revved Up and Ready to Go!”

  1. Laura says:

    I agree with Kelsey. I feel like each group definitely has had that one large obstacle they have had to overcome. For example – our James Farmer Lectures Group had no idea where some of our videos were and if we were even allowed to post them in the beginning of the semester! The Historic Markers group had to fix lost information on their site after a change in theme, the University Buildings group had to figure out what sources were at all reliable and consistent, while your group had to change site hosts completely. As cheesy as this sounds, I think that each of our obstacles really made the groups refocus using more critical thinking skills, such as seeing a problem and fixing it which, in my opinion, makes for better collaborations and projects in the long run.

  2. kmatthews says:

    Heather! You all always seem like you’ve done the most when you present to class! You guys have really accomplished a lot and put a lot into making a really great resource for a bunch of people.