Final Countdown!!

This week, we had presentations for Research and Creativity Day as an aside to our continuing work on our websites. Overall, I was impressed with everyone’s presentations. With the feedback our group got today from Dr. McClurken, I feel that my group will have an excellent presentation prepared for the History Symposium next week. Having already given a presentation on a thesis, I feel confident that we’ll be very impressive and will blow the crowd away with our final products!

Other than presentations, we have reached that time in the semester where everyone is making those finishing touches/ last minute uploads to our pages. Right now I am going through all my citations and making sure they are in proper Turabian format and uploading both the note and bibliographical citations to the site. Other than that, I have also tweaked the education page a little bit more and will finally get that timeline I have been having difficulty with up by Saturday at the latest.

Its all finally coming together and I must say that I am proud of all we have accomplished so far :).

2 Responses to “Final Countdown!!”

  1. Laura says:

    I really like the education page! It really makes your site not only exhibit based but also a great resource for students of any age. I’m actually fascinated with the the meanings behind the cartoons, as well as the development of political cartoons over time – considering they represent how many American’s feel during times of crisis it’s a great primary source to see the people’s perspective on government, wars, politics, etc.

  2. seye says:

    I must say that you guys had one of the more interesting projects. I really wanted in on this group. How fun would it be to work with stinking cartoons all day? Your website looks awesome and I love how your group member has a video describing the process of photo-editing.