Revising Contracts!

This week has been all about revising our plans for the rest of the semester as well as thinking about who is looking at our site. As a group, we needed to be more specific and have a better idea of what we wanted our site to look like. We decided to go ahead and create the base site on Omeka and are pretty sure we have all the specifics laid out for the rest of the semester.

Thinking about our audience, as a group we automatically jumped to the conclusion that those most interested in our site will be visitors to the James Monroe Museum and academics. Reconsidering this after our talk with Dr. McClurken, we reconsidered and realized that everyone, from teachers to artists to newspapers, maybe interested in our web site. Its funny ho we thought our web page would be limited in outreach when really the possibilities of attracting anyone are out there. I wonder if there is a tool, maybe a guestbook plug-in? That would allow us to keep track of who from what field is looking at our site.

One Response to “Revising Contracts!”

  1. ctrumbetic says:

    Sometimes I like to think about why people google the thiings that they do. I think the biggest thing to realize about your site is that a fourth grader (especially in Virginia with their dreaded history SOL’s) would probably google James Monroe and your site might pop up. If you think about it, you have a broad subject so your site would really be helpful to anyone interested in James Monroe. The same goes for most of our sites.